Activision Working on GoldenEye Game for Wii and DS

Eurogamer reports that Activision is working on a GoldenEye title for the Nintendo Wii and DS, which will be released in November.

It would be logical if this was a remake of the original 1997 Nintendo 64 title. GoNintendo also received images reportedly from a survey sent out by Activision regarding a Wii remake.

If legit, the remake would sport 4-player splitscreen multiplayer and add 8-player online matches in the new version, "developed from the ground up." The survey also mentions that the game will feature Daniel Craig's current portrayel of James Bond, replacing Pierce Brosnan.

Eurogamer believes that this project will be revealed at E3 next week. GoldenEye was originally developed by Rare, which also developed Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark was recently re-released on Xbox Live Arcade. Rare is now owned by Microsoft.

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