EA Promotes Fitness Games with 'Scientific Study'

In an effort to promote its EA SPORTS Active line of fitness titles, maker Electronic Arts today highlighted the results of a "scientific study" it claims "proves [the] efficacy of EA SPORTS Active digital fitness programs."

The study, commissioned by Electronic Arts and performed by the University of Wisconsin's Dr. John Porcari, tested sixteen "physically active adults between the ages of 25 and 45 to determine the relative exercise intensity and caloric expenditure of two pre-set EA SPORTS Active workouts: Afterburner and Legs & Lungs."

Those two workouts were found to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's "guidelines for effective physical fitness," leading EA to conclude that "the results indicated that EA SPORTS Active can improve aerobic capacity and favorably affect body composition when used on a regular basis as part of a healthy, active lifestyle."

At present, the fitness franchise is comprised of two entries--EA SPORTS Active and EA SPORTS Active: More Workouts for Wii--with a new entry, EA SPORTS Active 2, slated to hit PlayStation 3, Wii, iPhone and iPod touch this fall, complete a wireless control system that uses "new leg and arm straps with motion sensors and a heart rate monitor."

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