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Eufloria Drifting Onto PlayStation 3 in 2011

Indie developers Rudolf Kremers and Alex May have announced that their PC "ambient game of space exploration and conquest" Eufloria will hit PlayStation 3 in "early 2011."

The downloadable PlayStation Network release will bring "a wide spectrum" of "improvements and additions" to the ambient strategy game, ranging from "visuals, play mechanics and new content" to an expanded soundtrack.

"During original development we had many really nice ideas that could not be implemented due to scope considerations. Core development was down to only 2 people after all," explains designer Kremers in the announcement. "This PSN release gives us a marvellous opportunity to put several of them into the game after all."

An expanded version of the Independent Games Festival 2009 finalist Dyson, Eufloria was released for PC in October 2009 at $20. The demo is available from FileShack.

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