Nintendo <3 American Heart Association

Nintendo and the American Heart Association have joined forces to help people "create healthy lifestyles through physically active play," the unlikely duo announced today.

The "multifaceted strategic relationship" will include a website extolling "the benefits of physically active play," a study to "take a closer look at the synergies and potential benefits of active-play video games and physically active lifestyles" and slapping the American Heart Association logo on Wii, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort boxes.

"Showing people accessible ways to stay active has been a part of our mission for decades, but our research tells us nearly 70 percent of Americans are getting no regular physical activity. As an organization we are looking for ways to change this," said AHA president Clyde Yancy, M.D., in the announcement. "Nintendo has demonstrated clear leadership in active-play video games with the popularity of the Wii system, and I'm confident that together we can encourage Americans to become more physically active."

Certain to play a role in the super-team's super-plan is the pulse-monitoring Wii Vitality Sensor, which will be demonstrated with software at this year's E3.

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