Zipper Details Main Character of SOCOM 4

Developer Zipper Interactive has revealed the main character of its third-person shooter SOCOM 4. Meet Cullen Gray, the Operations Commander (Ops Com).

A full bio has been posted, detailing Gray's fictional life and path to NATO's International Security Force (ISF). Here's an excerpt:

Born the son of a naval analyst and a civilian geologist, Cullen Gray was exposed to travel and the military way of life from his earliest years. After graduating from a military university with an outstanding record, he served active duty special forces before being identified by NATO as a candidate for the Limited Resources Deployment (LRD) program. The LRD initiative was considered part of the New Warfare paradigm, which theorized that costly military operations could be significantly optimized by deployment of elite "troubleshooters" able to leverage only the resources at hand to resolve high-risk or remote field missions with a high rate of success.

SOCOM 4 is scheduled for release later this year. The game was briefly playable at GDC 2010 featuring PlayStation Move motion controls.

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    May 3, 2010 1:45 PM

    Join us as GENERIC_WHITE_SOLDIER goes Oscar Mike and stays frosty as the new Ops Com in NATO's InSeFo in the all new SOCOM 4. He was an LRD PO'd at his CO for latrine duty until the call of Modern New Warfare brought him to the frontlines in the fight against fascist extremism.

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