Green Day: Rock Band Not Getting More DLC

Though Green Day: Rock Band will be compatible with the six downloadable songs already available in the Rock Band Music Library, developer Harmonix has informed PlasticAxe that it's not planning support for any additional downloadable songs.

In the words of project lead Chris Foster, as noticed by 1UP:

One of the reasons we could do open-ended DLC for The Beatles [Rock Band] is that it's all tiny clips, and we could just reconfigure them for different songs as needed... With [Green Day: Rock Band] we're really creating sculpted experiences for every single song; there's an animation that plays all the way through, pretty much. That's something that's not really practical to do open-ended.

Packing forty-seven tunes on-disc, Green Day: Rock Band launches worldwide in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii form on June 8, 2010. Those that buy on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will also be able to export the included songs for use in Rock Band, Rock Band 2 or the upcoming Rock Band 3, provided that they either a) pony up the $10 export fee, b) pre-order the game from GameStop or c) buy the deluxe "Plus" edition.

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