Battlefield Producer Leaves DICE to Join Visceral

Blast Magazine (via Joystiq) noticed several tweets from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 associate producer Gordon Van Dyke announcing that he was leaving DICE after around 4 years at the EA subsidiary to join another EA subsidiary, Visceral Games (Dante's Inferno, Dead Space).

It is not yet known what Van Dyke will be working on, though Visceral is working on Dead Space 2 and The Ripper. He could also be working on a new project, but was quick to say that it wouldn't be Battlefield-related in a tweet, saying:

Not to burst bubbles, but how does my moving to Visceral Studios in any way equal Battlefield 'Anything', it doesn't so keep guessing.

DICE will be handling the multiplayer component in EA's new Medal of Honor game and is working on Battlefield 3.

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    April 7, 2010 2:46 PM

    OH NO!! The associate producer!!! Who will wear their fingers out refreshing outlook and cruising youtube all day!!?!?!


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      April 7, 2010 3:08 PM

      What? GvD was pretty active in the battlefield community. It's a shame to see him go honestly.

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      April 7, 2010 3:12 PM

      Change outlook to latest chatty and you're good.

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      April 7, 2010 3:23 PM

      DICE labels their guys weird. Gordon was very hands on and also very outward facing in the community with Battlefield (particularly 1943). Not a production assistant/coffee bitch.

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        April 7, 2010 3:33 PM

        Meh, as someone whos worked in this industry for 10 years, even a producer isnt really important to me.

        Lead Game designer, artists, programmers and scripters, thats the people that make games, in the old days you just needed that and maybe a REAL producer that actually knows game production and you could ship a AAA title (And we did). Now and really for the last 7-8 years, EA and large places are all about hiring the people that kissed the most ass or worked on some Hollywood blockbusters, because as well all know, Hollywood = Games.

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          April 7, 2010 3:40 PM

          To add a /cool story bro feel, worked on a racing title for a 'large' publisher
          at the start of my career, they nuked the experienced producer to bring in a
          buddy of someone high up who had worked on lord of the rings, ZERO game experience.

          One of the first things he asked for was to make this game super fun, "you should feel like
          you can just look over at the passenger seat and see a hugh titted whore next to you"

          And people wonder why games are shit, people like this survive huge layoffs and shutdowns,
          meanwhile the people that actually take their orders lose their jobs.


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          April 7, 2010 4:14 PM

          Congrats on still not knowing what you're talking about with Gordon. But you keep drinking that hatorade.

          I'm surprised its posted as news here, but that doesn't make it Gordon's fault.

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            April 7, 2010 4:54 PM

            This. I've worked with Gordon before and i can tell you that whatever project that guy gets his hands on is going to be better for it. Just because you had some shit experience doesn't mean that it applies universally.

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              April 8, 2010 12:20 AM

              I agree. I was sad to see him leave our offices but I'm sure he'll do just fine.

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                April 8, 2010 2:08 AM

                off topic, but as a level designer at dice studios - well fucking done! i'm havin loads of fun on these maps!! :D

            • reply
              April 8, 2010 12:37 AM

              Yeah ditto. Good, focused guy who gets games. The DICE Producers were always very design focused too.

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