Weekend Confirmed Debuts Friday

I've been looking forward to writing this post since the day I came on board. This Friday we debut our new podcast, Weekend Confirmed. Joining me in the regular cast are our own Brian Leahy and Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show. The show will hit the Internet each Friday at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific and you'll be able to get it everywhere podcasts are found. We'll also include a built-in pop-out player in the news story each week in case you're at work or someplace where you can't use your usual music software.

Format was a big subject for me to tackle because over the years I've always been working to improve the shows. Length is probably the toughest part of that. Weekend Confirmed will clock in at 2 hours, but we're breaking it up a little differently. There will be four segments to the show which should make it easier to break down into listening segments to suit your time.

As for what we'll be talking about, well, some parts were a given. There'll be Whatcha Been Playin? featuring, as the title implies, what we've been playing. We're going to include community every week, too, because that was one of my favorite parts back in the day that slowly wound up getting worked out of the shows. Brian will be bringing the news to the fore in a discussion segment we're calling the Front Page. And, because it's just plain fun, we're going to do Four Minute Warning every week for a segment. We'll pull the topics and questions for that from a number of spots. Primarily, though, they'll come from threads here on Shack, most likely that I'll drop in chatty posts.

For this first show, though, the place is here, in the comments to this story. Let your Four Minute Warning questions fly.

And, while you're doing that, here's the new intro music to help get in the spirit.

Listen to the Weekend Confirmed Intro Music Now

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