Team Fortress 2 User-Created Items Added on PC, Side-Scrolling Platformer Mod Released

It's a double-whammy of Team Fortress 2 PC news this morning as Valve has updated its shooter with a selection of items made by players, while one fan has put on their modding cap to turn TF2 into a side-scrolling platformer named The Great Class Dash.

Quick as a flash, fans on the official TF2 forum dug around and found new apparel for all classes as well as a new melee weapon usable by both the Soldier and Demoman, a new melee weapon for the Pyro and a delicious new snack for the Heavy.

Valve expresses its excitement over this update in a post on the TF2 blog, tying it in with the recent Portal 2 ARG as part of Valve's approach to community.

This is really exciting for us here at Valve. Starting from our core belief that entertainment products should be services, we've tried to increase the set of ways our community can impact our games, and the ways in which we can reward you for it. From the implementation of features requested by players and mapmakers, to unique community items given to valuable community contributors, to the purchasing and shipping of popular maps, to the ARG-style product announcement of Portal 2, we've tried to include our players in the ongoing challenge of improving our games and their communities.

This update represents the next step in that process. The line between developers and players is getting very blurry, and we think that's a great thing.

Meanwhile, if you fancy something different then the TF2 mod The Great Class Dash by 'Steaky' is available from FileShack, offering a side-scrolling platformer experience with obstacles that require switching between classes. Plus a swamp monster.

Thanks to Shacker Gummy Joe for the tip about the fabulous items. Lastly, if you want to see The Great Class Dash in motion, here's a quick trailer for you.

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