Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Announced

Telltale Games has revealed that the mysterious Sam & Max project it had

Telltale Games has revealed that the mysterious Sam & Max project it had teased last year is indeed a third season of the episodic adventure game series, titled 'The Devil's Playhouse.'

'The Penzal Zone, the first of the season's five monthly episodes, will arrive on April 15 to kick off a tale where "Max has been bestowed with a set of powerful psychic abilities from an unusual ancient source that he'll wield against the strongest and strangest foes the Freelance Police have ever faced."

"Telltale continues to excel at channeling Sam & Max's extremely peculiar sensibilities," said Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell in a press statement. "For each subsequent season they somehow manage to toss ever more mind-addling scenarios at the Freelance Police. The creative team inhabits these characters so well that if I were their parents I'd be worried about them."

The Devil's Playhouse will also be the first season to hit PlayStation 3, via PlayStation Network downloads, with no word yet on the customary Wii and Xbox 360 editions. The season will also be released for PC and Mac. Pre-ordering the whole season for $35 grants Freelance Police Elite Membership, with perks including a free episode of a Telltale game and access to a forum to chat with the dev team.

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    March 12, 2010 9:13 AM

    argh captured that movie trailer feel perfectly. Flat joke at the end followed by a ridiculous musical flourish. In the theater that's always followed by a dead silence and maybe a chuckle or two at the contrast of lame joke and blaring horns.

    Rest of it seemed ok, but ffs I hate trailers that do that