TFC Info

Planetfortress has some info from the latest PC Gamer issue on a new version of Team Fortress Classic.

- The new version will be called Team Fortress 1.5 (I assume there will be minor bug fixes for Half-Life as well).
- There will be three new levels: Warpath, Epicenter, and Dustbowl (not all CTF, Thank God!)
- The new patch will use the same netcode as Team Fortress 2 (this is an update for all of halflife so mods like actionhalflife, counterstrike will have the sleek code too.)
- The new patch will also contain a new Internet control system dubbed VGUI. (I have no idea what this is)
- "Dustbowl" is a map with a new game mode we've yet to see in TeamFortress Classic. In it, one team must carry their flag into the other teams base within a certain time limit, while the other team defends. -- Sounds a lot like assault with the clock timing each side. <snip>

According to PC Gamer it is about a month away, so we should be seeing soon how the TF2 code is compared to the original Half-Life netcode, which wasn't very impressive.
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