Star Trek Online Subscriptions Priced, Lifetime Sub With Exclusive Playable Borg on Offer

Cryptic Studios has unveiled the subscription plans for its February 2-due star trekkin' MMO Star Trek Online as well as discounted pre-order subscription offers including a $240 lifetime sub which grants an exclusive playable Liberated Borg race.

Regular subscriptions will cost $15 on a monthly basis, $42 per three months--a 6% discount compared to monthly subscriptions--or $80 for six--saving you 11%.

Cryptic is also offering yearly and lifetime subscriptions to pre-orderers up until release, which also pack two bonus character slots. The $120 annual subscription--locked at that rate--represents a 33% saving over individual months, while the $240 lifetime sub delivers unlimited play for the MMO's lifespan and a bonus playable Liberated Borg race. Though presumably mostly a cosmetic option, the Borg do have several unique traits.

The Liberated Borg begins with the following two traits. You can select another two traits from a general list.

Borg Nanites: +10% Health Regeneration
Description: Ground Trait. Constantly regenerates shields and health.

Efficient: +5 Starship Shield Efficiency, +5 Starship Engine Efficiency, +5 Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency, +5 Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency
Description: Space Trait. Provides a bonus to efficiency stats, improving the effectiveness of many of your power management abilities.

The Liberated Borg also has a unique optional trait.

Neural Blast: 30 second debuff. Drastically reduces run speed. Every 4 seconds, Neural Blast has a 40% chance to hold the target for 3 seconds.
Description: Activatable Ground Trait. Inject the target with neural toxins, which continually attempt to hold the target for the duration. Also reduces the target's movement speed.

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    2010 is off to an awful start for MMOs already