Pac-Man Championship Edition Hits iPhone

Namco's neon-flavored Xbox Live Arcade revamp of everyone's favorite pill muncher today chomped its way to the iTunes App Store, and thus, the iPhone and iPod touch. Now available via iTunes and carrying an "opening celebration sale" price of $2.99 for the next five days, the portable rendition of Pac-Man Championship Edition packs five courses and twenty missions, along with the surprisingly addictive time limit mode that has players competing for high scores three or five minute increments.

For those seeking more, a $3.99 expansion pack is already for sale, bringing 100 more missions, 10 extra courses, and a Challenge mode to the touch-controlled game.

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    December 10, 2009 11:41 AM

    Why the fuck hasn't this come to PC & Steam yet?

    Iphone? AYFKM :(