Splatterhouse Gets Exclusive Shoes, New Shots

In an announcement highlighting the revelation of "exclusive" Splatterhouse-branded shoes, developer Namco also passed along some new screenshots and artwork from the game.

And as that artwork shows, the shoes--crafted by GLOBE.TV and now available at $79.99--resemble those of protagonist Rick's in-game kicks, except his have more green. Said Namco of the premium footwear:

"Designed as a testament to Splatterhouse's gory, intense, and horror movie-like tone, the Splatterhouse Co-op limited series features the Splatterhouse logo splayed across the vulcanized outsole siding in blood red, along with faux splattered blood detail all over and a Skull icon hit--all to tie in the game's iconography in a moody yet playful way."

Once helmed by now-defunct independent developer BottleRocket, the troubled PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 revival of Namco's classic action game is now in the hands of its internal Afro Samurai team and expected between July and September 2010.

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    November 24, 2009 10:03 AM

    that man in the photograph looks very uncomfortable