Champions Online Free-to-Play Weekend Celebrates 'Nemesis Confrontation' Event

Cryptic Studios has announced another in-game event for its superhero-fueled MMO, Champions Online, called 'Nemesis Confrontation.' The event will debut Tuesday, November 24, and is conveniently scheduled to coincide with a 'Free-to-Play Thanksgiving Weekend' that begins on November 26 and runs through November 30.

"We asked ourselves," said executive producer Bill Roper, "what if your Nemesis could band together with your buddy's Nemesis to take you on? Epic."

According to the release, the player-crafted Nemeses "are trying to create a rift into another dimension in a plot to take over the Champions Universe." To save the universe, players will also have to fight "a host of dangerous alien gladiators and prison guards."

The 'Nemesis Confrontation' includes new costume sets and items that can be unlocked by completing in-game 'Perks', as well as the new playing area called "Nemesis Lair." For more information about 'Nemesis Confrontation,' check out the official site.

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    November 19, 2009 3:27 PM

    I played during their last free weekend (when I was finally able to get the client downloaded) and had a fun time. It's not the deepest MMORPG around but it's fun and decent improvement over City of Heroes.