Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition Brings Art Book, Exclusive In-Game Items

BioWare has announced a Collector's Edition of its sci-fi RPG sequel Mass Effect 2 which adds an assortment of physical and virtual bonus goodies for an extra $10.

Packed into a special tin case are "a 48-page hardcover 'Art of Mass Effect 2' book, Issue 1 of the Mass Effect Redemption comic book, and a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes and making-of videos" plus, naturally, a copy of Mass Effect 2.

The Collector's Edition also offers "unique in-game weapons and armor" exclusive to the Collector's Edition, as illustrated in the moody artwork above. Further exclusive items are available with pre-orders at select retailers and in BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins.

Priced at $60 on PC and $70 on Xbox 360, the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 2 hits alongside the regular on January 26, 2010 in North America then January 29 in Europe.

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    November 5, 2009 5:39 AM

    come on guys, a pamphlet, behind the scenes videos, and a couple of in game items?

    I'm so disappointed alot of ppl think these "collectors" edition are anything especial.

    Just ONE generation ago these stuff was either packed on regular editions with out much fanfare or it wasn't done at all. But you weren't charged some BS items that don't make it collectors editions.
    its getting even worst now that if you want to play a demo you have to pre-order.

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      November 5, 2009 5:49 AM

      This generation has a shift from intensive content (like a unique armor) being something you unlocked during the game, adding re-playability (to what is probably an already addictive and fun game if you accomplished said feats in the first place) to having to pay for it by either buying DLC post-purchase or giving your money early pre-purchase for a "pre-order".

      "Achievements" and "Trophies" help reinforce this.

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      November 5, 2009 5:53 AM

      You need to pre order if you are an ADD kid who can't wait 4 days longer for the public demo, which goes still live way before launch, in the case of L4d2.

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        November 5, 2009 6:30 AM


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          November 5, 2009 6:47 AM

          That was a reply to this "its getting even worst now that if you want to play a demo you have to pre-order."
          I meant that you only need to pre order to play the demo, if you can't wait the 4 days until it goes public.

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