Sid Meier Bringing Civilization to Facebook

Civilization is coming to Facebook with the Civilization Network, a new web game in development by series creator Sid Meier and his team at Firaxis.

"Civilization Network will allow you to join together with your friends to create the world's most powerful, richest, smartest, or just plain coolest civilization," wrote Meier in announcing the game on the Civ Fanatic's forum.

Meier described the gameplay briefly, saying: "You can coordinate your strategy to win great battles, share your technology to jump ahead of your rivals, lobby your family and friends to form your own government and win vital elections, manage and grow your cities to maximize production and happiness, spy on your enemies, and work with your friends to create the great Wonders of the World."

The persistent game will be free to play, and will enter a beta testing period before launching in 2010. More information will be posted on the game's Facebook page.

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