PlayStation 3 Games Getting Motion Control Patch, Xbox 360 Games Probably Won't

With the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 both set to receive new motion-tracking controllers next year, it has been revealed that some existing PlayStation 3 software will be updated with enhanced control schemes via patches while Xbox 360 games probably won't.

Though Microsoft has demonstrated the Xbox 360's motion-sensitive Project Natal camera with retrofitted versions of existing titles, such as Burnout Paradise and Beautiful Katamari, project head Kudo Tsunoda told Destructoid that such efforts required a significant amount of code to be changed--presumably more than a patch could.

The Xbox 360's Project Natal and the PlayStation Motion Controller

Meanwhile, rival Sony used Tokyo Game Show to reveal that some existing PlayStation 3 games will be patched to support the upcoming PlayStation Motion Controller, including LittleBigPlanet, PAIN, Flower, EyePet, Hustle Kings and High Velocity Bowling.

In addition, Sony unveiled several upcoming titles that will make use of the wand-shaped ball-tipped device, including an "Alternate Edition" of Resident Evil 5, Ape Escape, Echochrome 2, Motion Party, Sing and Draw, The Shoot and Tower.

Microsoft refrained from announcing any specific titles for Project Natal, instead issuing a list of developers "actively working on Project Natal games" and holding a session in which some of those developers discussed theoretical uses of Project Natal.

Both the PlayStation Motion Controller and Project Natal are slated to arrive in 2010, with the PlayStation Motion Controller slated for spring. Neither add-on has been priced.

A look at use of the PlayStation Motion Controller in Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition can be found below, beginning around the 2:54 mark, with the demonstrator using a standard PlayStation 3 controller for movement and the Motion Controller for aiming.

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