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Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date Dependent on Aliens vs. Predator Sales, Says Sega

Sega now says that Gearbox's delayed Aliens shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines may ship earlier or later depending on the success of Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator.

"What I would say is it's unlikely that we'd launch anything within six months [after Aliens vs. Predator], but probably nine months, eight to 12 months possibly," said Sega president Mike Hayes to G4TV. "Though we literally are looking at that at the moment and a lot of is going to depend, as well, on how successful AvP is at the box [retail]." Aliens vs. Predator is scheduled for a first quarter 2010 release, meaning that Colonial Marines might be pushed into 2011 if demand for Rebellion's game is less than expected.

"It's what level of 'well' does it do," added Hayes, "do we then determine when we want to bring the next one out and then, of course, determine what the third one in the series is likely to be."

From The Chatty
  • reply
    August 24, 2009 3:11 PM

    They've got my sale for both

    • reply
      August 24, 2009 3:39 PM


    • reply
      August 24, 2009 4:51 PM

      I will buy both also.

    • reply
      August 24, 2009 7:06 PM


      AvP3: Death simulator.
      Colonial Marines: Moderately enjoyable console shooter with excessive 'press X not to die elements'.

      I'll be buying AvP3.

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