Namco Pairs with Genji and Heavenly Sword Makers

As part of today's GamesCom festivities, publisher Namco has announced new partnerships with Ninja Theory and Game Republic, the studios respectively responsible for early PlayStation 3 releases Heavenly Sword and Genji.

The deal with Game Republic covers two titles, movie tie-in Clash of the Titans and a new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action effort dubbed Majin: The Fallen Realm. Both are expected to arrive in the spring of 2010, according to Joystiq reports.

Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword (PS3) and Game Republic's Genji (PS3).

Word of the Ninja Theory partnership emerged out of separate press release, with Namco only specifying that the Heavenly Sword makers are developing a 2010-due "blockbuster title with strong pan-Western sensibilities" for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Developer Ninja Theory was likewise mum, as "chief development ninja" Nina Kristensen said that "this new project pushes our core strengths of rich story-telling, cutting-edge technology and exciting gameplay beyond anything we have created before."

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