NBA 2K10: Draft Combine Brings Pre-season Training to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store

While Visual Concepts' NBA 2K10 won't be available at retailers until later in the fall, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will be able to get a head start on training custom players in September with the downloadable release of NBA 2K10: Draft Combine.

Priced at $5 (400 Microsoft Points), the game lets players build up their custom character with skill points through various drills and 5-on-5 skirmishes. Those custom characters can then be imported into NBA 2K10 once the game hits stores.

"We're giving our dedicated NBA 2K fans an incredible opportunity with NBA 2K10: Draft Combine," explained 2K VP Greg Thomas. "Gamers will have exclusive access to online content and get to test drive NBA 2K10's new gameplay features, advanced player progression system and the all-new My Player career mode before the game launches this fall."

It's not the first time that portions of a full-fledged basketball game have been released as a paid download. Earlier this year, Electronic Arts released a downloadable version of NCAA Basketball 09 dubbed March Madness Edition, which excluded many of the features found in the full retail version. Unlike 2K10 Draft Combine, however, March Madness wasn't focused on building up a character for use in the full game.

More details on NBA 2K10: Draft Combine, courtesy publisher 2K, follow below:

  • Building custom players by working with a mentor, the 2K Insider, and increasing their NBA stock through a variety of challenging basketball drills and 5-on-5 games.
  • Over 300 different signature customizations, including player-specific shooting animations, dunk and dribble packages and more to allow each created player to have his own unique personal style.
  • Ability to strengthen all parts of the created player's game with a variety of drills, such as shooting, post offense and defense, attacking the basket, dribbling, challenging shots, boxing out for rebounds and more to progress through the NBA Draft Combine.
  • Organized games that will allow players to gain valuable skill points and offer a variety of specific in-game objectives that will need to be accomplished in order to gain them. At the end of each game, a full analysis will be available for gamers to review their player's performance and strategize their further improvement.
  • All players created in NBA 2K10: Draft Combine will wear a special patch on their uniform throughout the rest of that player's career to denote that they have completed the NBA Draft Combine.
  • Online leaderboards to track the highest ranking custom built players, and where a player stacks up against the competition.
  • Opportunity to unlock special achievements on Xbox 360 and trophies for PLAYSTATION 3 system.
  • Fans can take their custom built players from NBA 2K10: Draft Combine and use them in the all-new My Player career mode in NBA 2K10 launching this fall, allowing them to continue their journey of becoming an NBA legend.
  • Chris Faylor was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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