IL-2 Sturmovik Demo Hits Xbox Live on Wednesday

A demo for Gaijin Entertainment's flight sim IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey will be available on Xbox Live starting this Wednesday, publisher 505 Games announced today.

The download will include two of the game's missions, The Battle of Britain and The Battle of the Bulge. Birds of Prey, a console take on the celebrated PC sim series, arrives on September 15 in North America on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS.

Click through for more details on the demo missions:

In Battle of Britain: Red Skies Over Dover, players are given the role of an RAF pilot commanding the legendary Mk. II Spitfire with B wing armament (two canons, four machine guns). What starts off as a routine 'mopping up' mission on a few stray He-111 German bombers soon develops into a fracas in which the RAF faced their finest hour. The mission demonstrates the skills required to intercept larger bombers as well as the more nimble Stuka bombers. The effective use of wingmen will become apparent as the mission unfolds and survivors will have the opportunity to land on a home airstrip.

In Battle of the Bulge: Tiger Hunt, the US Air Force P-51D Mustang is the weapon of choice as players are invited to pick off some German armour ploughing through the Ardennes. Defending FW-190 fighters will also have to be dispatched; although the Tigers are the primary target as US forces aim to stem the German advance and defend the front line. The mission will allow players to try rocket attacks on ground targets as well as sample the snow capped vistas of the December Belgian landscape.

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