Xbox Avatar Marketplace Items, Pricing Revealed; Or, How I Spent $4 to Look Like LeChuck

With the next major update to the Xbox 360 dashboard coming August 11, Microsoft has provided us with an early look.

Chief among the additions is the new Xbox Avatar Marketplace, which allows users to purchase items for their virtual Avatar, such as my Monkey Island-inspired garb there.

That outfit ran me a total of 360 Microsoft Points ($4.50), broken down as follows:

  • LeChuck Pirate Hat - 80 MS Points ($1)
  • Meat Hook Pirate Eye Patch - 40 MS Points ($0.50)
  • LeChuck Pirate Suit - 240 MS Points ($3)
I also picked up a Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab that my Avatar twirls from time to time. That was 160 MS Points ($2). Here's an off-screen shot of the Cotton Swab in action. If look closely at that picture, you can also see the new "Achievement Progress" tracker that's bound to give someone, somewhere a nervous breakdown.

Microsoft cautioned that "only limited content is currently available in the preview," but the online store is already selling Fable II, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, The Secret of Monkey Island-themed items along with Steampunk and Recessionista "lifestyle" items.

Tees, such as those branded with a Fable II or Halo 3 image, seem to run 80 MS Points ($1), with fancier shirts (hoodies, coats) priced at 160 MS Points ($2). The more elaborate things seem to be a bit more expensive, like the LeChuck Pirate Suit at 240 MS Points ($3) and the Halo RC Warthog prop at 320 MS Points ($4), with tinier stuff--the Halo Laser Kill Ring, Meat Hook Pirate Eye Patch, Earrings--going for 40 MS Points ($0.50).

Below is a list of the various Monkey Island items, to give you an idea of what's out there:

    The Secret of Monkey Island Store (as of 7/24/09)
      • Gaybrush Threepwood Suit - 240 MS Points ($3)
      • Stan the Salesman Suit - 240 MS Points ($3)
      • LeChuck Pirate Suit - 240 MS Points ($3)
      • Elaine Marley Suit - 240 MS Points ($3)
      • Swordmaster Suit - 240 MS Points ($3)
      • Swordmaster Earrings - 40 MS Points ($0.50)
      • Chicken with Pulley - 160 MS Points ($2)
      • Eyeball Necklace Carryable - 160 MS Points ($2)
      • Herman Toothrot Hat - 80 MS Points ($1)
      • LeChuck Pirate Hat - 80 MS Points ($1)
      • Meat Hook Pirate Eye Patch - 40 MS Points ($0.50)
      • Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab - 160 MS Points ($2)
      • Pirate Telescope Carryable - 160 MS Points ($2)
      • Seltzer Bottle Carryable - 160 MS Points ($2)
      • Stan the Salesman Hat - 80 MS Points ($1)
      • Treasure Hunt-ery Shirt - 80 MS Points ($1)
        ("I found the Treasure of Melee Island ...and all I got was this Stupid T-Shirt")

Of course, there's more than just game-related items. For example, the Steampunk Newsboy Cap and Goggles Combo will set you back 160 MS Points ($2). The Recession-branded Unlaced Combat Boots? The Steampunk Bowler Hat? Trendy Recession Glasses? Recession Cuffed Trousers? Steampunk Breeches? Recession Cuffed Denim Jeans? All 80 MS Points ($1) a piece, and there's plenty more to choose from.

However, the update adds more than just the ability to buy new items. Certain games, such as the just-released 'Splosion Man, will provide players with Avatar accessories as "awards" for meeting specific criteria. Not too many have embraced that functionality yet--it is a fresh addition to the Xbox 360, after all--but at the very least, the support is there.

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