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Free DLC for Zombie Shooter 'Killing Floor' Announced

Developer Tripwire has announced a free new pack of downloadable content for its co-op zombie shooter Killing Floor.

The pack will include one level, titled "Foundry," along with two new weapons: the AK-47 and katana (pictured below, left). Tripwire is also planning to release a paid DLC pack soon, which will include "four new playable characters including a Horzine foundry worker and a soldier in prototype Horzine body armor."

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    July 21, 2009 12:26 PM

    The Katana kinda reminds me of Deus Ex's Nanoelectric Sword... which could mean total win as that was the most awesome melee weapon ever and just about the only weapon I used in Deus Ex and somehow that quite possibly only made the game better, lolxD. Shall see though as sneaking-up on zombies in KF isn't quite like getting behind guards in Deus Ex ;)

    Anyway, more stuff for KF is always welcome.