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Merchants of Brooklyn Stealthily Changed to 'Drug Wars'

Another strange entry to the already strange saga of Paleo Entertainment's indie shooter Merchants of Brooklyn (PC).

Merchants, already released on Steam, was today entirely rebranded to "Drug Wars," the title of a free multiplayer component added to the game in mid-June. Users that already own Merchants will now see "Drug Wars" in their game list, with no explanation as to the change. Curiously, the title screen lists the game's name as "Drug Wars Beta." Merchants of Brooklyn was initially released via Steam last March, immediately bringing forth reports of numerous bugs and poor performance. Some even went so far as to say "it's not a game," with Paleo soon claiming it had inadvertently released an alpha build.

A patch was quickly issued to alleviate some of the immediate issues. Later patches brought fixes, but not before reviews lambasted the game for its many glitches.

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