Spielberg's LMNO Renamed Eve? (Updated)

Update: When contacted, Electronic Arts told us that it does not comment on rumors.

Original: It appears that Steven Spielberg and EA Los Angeles' long-coming collaboration LMNO has been renamed Eve, based on documents dug up by superannuation.

Artist Raffael Dickreuter and motion capture asssitant Melissa Garza both list Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts' Eve among past projects in their resumes, with Electronic Arts recently telling Kotaku that "we no longer refer to [the project] as LMNO."

Little is known of the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game, in which players assume the role of an ex-secret agent who is on the run alongside a woman named Eve. What the computer-controlled Eve can do to help you changes depending on how she is treated.

LMNO is part of Spielberg's three property deal with Electronic Arts, which has already produced the physics-driven Wii action-puzzler Boom Blox--originally codenamed PQRS. Nothing is known of the third project, which may very well be called TUVW or HIJK. We've reached out to Electronic Arts regarding LMNO's new name, and will update accordingly.

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