North Korea Invades America in THQ Shooter 'Homefront,' Written by 'Red Dawn' Creator Milius

THQ today announced Homefront, a military first-person shooter centered around a North Korean occupation of America.

The game's script is written by John Milius, best known for penning Apocalypse Now and creating the TV series Rome. However, Homefront is most similar to Milius' Red Dawn, the Cold War-era film about American rebels resisting a Soviet invasion.

The story of Homefront sees an energy-starved United States collapsing into economic ruin, leading to an invasion by North Korea in 2027. The shooter--set for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--puts players amongst the "American Civilian Resistance" in its battle to repel the North Korean occupiers.

"Homefront isn't about going to war on the other side of the world or battling aliens from another planet; it's about fighting foreign invaders in your own backyard and defending your right to live," said Kaos Studios director David Votykpa. "Homefront combines the unsettling notion of an occupied America with interactive, player-driven narratives to create a deeply engaging single and multiplayer experience."

"Kaos Studios is using powerful narrative and environmental storytelling to create a plausible, near-futuristic setting where the people of a once mighty nation must fight to maintain their existence," said THQ VP Kevin Kraff. "This harsh backdrop will be the foundation for an emotionally-charged single-player campaign and an intense multiplayer experience."

THQ notes that Homefront will be properly unveiled at E3.

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