Terminator Salvation Defective PC Copies Now Being Replaced

After a replication defect left the PC release of Terminator Salvation uninstallable for many users, publisher Evolved Games today announced its replacement scheme.

PC purchasers' salvation comes in the form of a toll-free support line Evolved has opened to coordinate replacement retail boxes. "Again we apologize for any inconvenience that end users may have suffered do [sic] to this issue," Evolved states.

The PC release was recalled from retail in North America after the error was discovered, and Evolved is currently replicating new, fixed copies for re-release onto store shelves. Copies purchased by digital distribution--such as Valve's Steam store--were unaffected.

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    May 22, 2009 11:36 AM

    The two people who bought it are happy but really its going to be more fun not installing it so they did everyone a favor.

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