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EA Redwood Shores, Developer of Visceral Games, Rebranded to 'Visceral Games'

Electronic Arts today announced that it has changed the name of development studio EA Redwood Shores to Visceral Games.

Redwood Shores is responsible for the recent horror title Dead Space, as well as the upcoming literary, tit-filled action title Dante's Inferno.

"Action, intensity, excellence. It isn't just in our DNA, it's in our blood," said Visceral Games VP Glen Schofield, who elaborated on his company's dedication to viscera in a press release dripping with carnage.

"For the past two years, we have adopted a new culture that prizes excellence above all else," he added, brutally. "Primal action is the beating heart of the studio and now our new name reflects that."

One can only point out the definitions of visceral, as copied from Webster's: "felt in or as if in the viscera; not intellectual; dealing with crude or elemental emotions." Yes, EA has perhaps found the perfect name for a videogame studio.

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