Stalin vs. Martians Trailer: The Stalin Is Breakdancing

Friday night entertainment doesn't get much better than this trailer for the upcoming RTS Stalin vs. Martians (PC). "What shocks the most is that the martian forces look like a gay parade of Nintendo-styled cartoonish creatures," says publisher Mezmer Games.

The game itself is a simplistic take on an RTS, with power-ups and other mechanics not typically seen in the genre.

As the (very Russian) developers explain: "The martians leave spots on the map, plagued by the extraterrestial slimelike substance. That goo improves the enemy units' stats the way power-ups improve ours. We need to clean the land out of this shit."

"Our game is unique," continues the website description. "Trashy and absolutely over-the-top, arthouse kitsch production in its finest. With a good technical basis and some healthy gameplay innovations. Stalin is anything but boring and it looks pretty like schoolgirl with a kitten. Can you ask for more?"

Stalin vs. Martians will be available on digital services in April.

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