BioWare Revealing Mass Effect 2 Details in March

Developer BioWare will provide new details on its sci-fi action-RPG sequel Mass Effect 2 at this year's Game Developer's Conference, according to the event schedule.

BioWare project manager Corey Andruko and lead technical designer Dusty Everman will host an hour-long session titled "The Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware's MASS EFFECT 2," which will detail the team's "new level-creation process."

This year's Game Developers Conference runs from March 23-27, at its usual venue, the San Francisco Moscone Center.

As the event is geared towards developers--the schedule promises that attendees will "learn about new pitfalls the team discovered that can potentially be avoided on future game projects"--it's unknown how many of the details will be of interest to gamers.

At the very least, it's encouraging that BioWare is finally beginning to offer some information on the second game in the planned Mass Effect trilogy. Previously, the company had only noted that the trilogy was not exclusive to one platform or console, and suggested that the PC version would arrive after the console release.

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