Replay Couch: The Devolution of Sega Commercials

As we venture into 2009, we here at Shacknews though it would be prudent to reflect not just on the past year, but on the variety of crazy commercials Sega has produced.

In the past we've examined the evolution of Nintendo commercials--now it's time to gape at the insanity of Sega ads.

Oh sure, there's been plenty of Sega strangeness lately, but nothing that compares to its previous work. With screaming dead squirrels, spleen-bursting games and Marky Mark to choose from, we've compiled a wide-ranging list of our favorites.

A Christmas Story (link to this video)
Sega Japan reveals the awful truth about Santa Claus. Kids? Not happy.

20 Spleen-Bursting Games (link to this video)
Towards the end of this one, you'll start to hear a little voice that asks what's happening. Don't worry, that's actually part of the commercial.

Joypolis (link to this video)
Joypolis is a Japanese amusement park that has a few rides inpired by Sega games. What any of that has do with this ad, no one really knows.

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (link to this video)
Welcome to the next level. With a Sega CD, you can make your own music videos for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. It plays audio CDs too!

Theater of the Eye (link to this video)
Yes, Sega used a poop joke to sell the Sega Saturn. Really!

Turn the page for more classic Sega craziness. _PAGE_BREAK_

The Rocket is Awesome (link to this video)
While it's in Japanese, this Chu Chu Rocket commercial jingle is still surprisingly catching. It demands that you "save the mice" because the "cat is scary" and the "rocket is awesome."

Human Trains (link to this video)
Ever wonder how Sega brought Virtua Fighter 2 to the Saturn? This Japaneses advertisement has the explosive answer.

An Inventive Approach to Color (link to this video)
Back before the Game Boy Color, Sega's battery-guzzling Game Gear was one of the only color portables in town. Needless to say, Sega made the difference quite clear.

Out of the Closet (link to this video)
This Japanese ad for the first Samba de Amigo on Dreamcast implies that you should check your closet for dancers before playing. You never know!

Genesis Does What Nintendon't (link to this video)
Michael Jackson, Joe Montana, and some dude I'm fairly confident is James Douglas all personally appear in this classic Genesis commercial. How did Sega go wrong?

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