Capcom Reviving PlayStation, PSP Classics in 2009

Publisher Capcom plans to re-release a number of its older PlayStation and PSP games through the online PlayStation Store in 2009, the company has revealed.

"You can expect to see a whole slew of downloadable PSP and PSone titles from our vault next year," Capcom digital marketing head John Diamonon wrote on the official PlayStation.Blog. No specific titles were mentioned.

Capcom games for the original PlayStation include the first 3 Resident Evil titles, two Breath of Fire entries, several Street Fighter and Darkstalkers games, as well as Mega Man Legends, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne and Mega Man X3-6.

On the PSP side of things, Capcom's notable releases for the portable include two arcade compilations, Monster Hunter Portable, Power Stone Collection, Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, Street Fighter Alpha 3, plus enhanced remakes of Mega Man 1 and X.

Both the PlayStation 3 and PSP can play original PlayStation games that have been downloaded, but PSP games are only playable on the portable hardware itself.

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