Sins of a Solar Empire Expansion Delayed into 2009

Entrenchment, the upcoming "micro-expansion" to Ironclad Games' Sins of a Solar Empire (PC), has been delayed to January 2009, publisher Stardock has announced.

VE3D has confirmation of the delay of the defensively-oriented expansion from Stardock. Though its release has been delayed, Entrenchment will be released early to pre-ordering customers as part of a beta test to help balance the expansion. However, no date for the pre-order beta has been provided.

Entrenchment adds a Starbase defense platform to each race, giving them armored bases with a variety of weapon, and upgrades that make them capable of defending an entire planet. Adding to that are turrent upgrades, mine fields and a "Subspace Inhibitor platform" which will slow down nearby enemy ships.

Entrenchment is the first in a series of micro-expansions that will later include new ships, technologies, and diplomacy features. Come January, Entrenchment will be available on the Sins of a Solar Empire website and Stardock's Impulse digital distribution platform.

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    November 11, 2008 11:19 AM

    Shame, I was looking forward to playing this over Christmas.

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