StarCraft 2 Goes Big: 26-30 Missions Each, 'We'll Take as Long as We Need'

The StarCraft 2 trilogy is going to take a while--"as long as we need," according an interview today--but the wait will be worth it.

"It became clear that the right thing to do from a gameplay, story, and design perspective was to go big on all three races," said Blizzard PR rep Bob Colayco to VE3D. "We're talking about 26-30 missions for each chapter of the trilogy, more cutscenes, more interactive elements, and campaign choices that become more meaningful," he added.

Colayco also chimed in on the flurry of answers coming out of Blizzard regarding release dates for the trilogy. "We'll take as long as we need," he commented with a tone of greater certainty than other Blizzard staffers.

Previously, Blizzard VP Rob Pardo said, "With any luck, it would be like a year for each successive one." Meanwhile, producer Chris Sigaty only offered that "we want to hit the shortest amount of time possible."

Elsewhere, Colayco responded to speculation that Blizzard was "milking" the strategy franchise by releasing three titles instead of one. "No, absolutely not," asserted Colayco in an Edge interview yesterday.

If Activision's press conference from this summer still holds true, "Terrans: Wings of Liberty," the first campaign, is still expected in 2009.

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  • reply
    October 14, 2008 10:58 AM

    I'm going to wait for the SC2 bundle to come out in 2021.

    • reply
      October 14, 2008 11:41 AM

      I think you mean 2010.

      • Lob legacy 10 years
        October 14, 2008 11:42 AM

        No I think he meant 2021 and seems pretty accurate :P

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