Club Nintendo Coming to North America

Club Nintendo, the rewards program known for doling out super-cool, rare Nintendo trinkets to Japanese gamers, is headed across the pond.

The announcement was made by a Nintendo representative during a press conference now underway.

Club Nintendo is a points-based program where gamers earn points for purchasing Nintendo products. Those points can be exchanged for unique Nintendo products like keychains and controllers. Past products made available to Japanese members of Club Nintendo include a Super NES-styled Classic Controller for the Wii as well as Wii Remotes that double as television remotes.

Nintendo has issued a press release detailing the triumphant arrival of its Club:

Gamers have longed for the expansion of Club Nintendo to North America for years, and now Nintendo is making it a reality for everyone. Club Nintendo rewards Nintendo loyalists who complete surveys and register Nintendo products with loyalty coins that can be redeemed for exclusive items available only to Club Nintendo members. Club Nintendo is set to debut in North America this holiday season.
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