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Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Details: Snatch Ho's

Volition's open-world mayhem simulator Saint's Row 2 will inevitably be compared to the grand-daddy of the genre, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 4. Those comparisons will doubtlessly be extended to the game's multiplayer features, but in that department Saint's Row 2, with competitive and co-operative modes, is looking like a real contender.

The game's signature mode is to be called Strongarm, according to Destructoid's hands-on with the game. In Strongarm, two teams of four fight for territory and cash in a random mish-mash of activities.

"One minute you can be participating in a race, the next you're killing a pimp to claim a ho in the 'Snatch' activity, causing as much chaos as possible in 'Mayhem,' or smashing into other cars in 'Destruction Derby,'" explains the preview.

Another intriguing mode is Stronghold, a capture-and-hold mode using graffiti "tagging" to show control of a territory. But this being the game sporting Gary Busey as a spokesman, that isn't enough. The twist here is that each territory confers a unique bonus like a stamina boost or police support--AI law enforcement that harasses opponents.

Volition put so much thought into competitive multiplayer that co-operative play may seem a bit blase by comparison. Quoth Destructoid: "The main differences seemed to be the number of enemies, a prompt telling us to stick together, and ... the amount of damage both players and enemies could take." Then again, the ability to play through the game's entire campaign with a friend--unlike that of a certain open-world hijacking simulator--may be enough to garner players' praise.

Excited would-be hooligans need not wait much longer. The Busey-endorsed Saint's Row 2 arrives on October 14 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a PC version following at a later date.

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    September 26, 2008 10:30 AM

    October 14?! I've not even gotten to do a Keep Siege in WAR, or finished ONE faction in Mercs 2!

    Stupid season.

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