GameStop: PC Game Retail Sales, Variety Decreasing

Retailer GameStop has announced that its sales of retail PC games has declined compared to the previous year, according to Gamasutra.

While GameStop senior vice president Bob McKenzie noted that the decline was expected, the low number of new PC titles released this year apparently caught the company by surprise.

"The number of new titles we have on PC is down probably more than what I had anticipated it would be down," said McKenzie. "But I don't see that as a threat or a signaling. We're not backing away from it at all."

McKenzie still characterized the PC market as "very alive," and revealed that the company is experimenting with better ways to present PC games in its stores.

"We've taken a lot of the PC games where we kind of had them on a gondola, from a space perspective," he said. "But we've just realized, this is too important of a category, so we've put a lot of them up on the wall again where there's stronger representation in our stores."

As far as digital distribution, McKenzie did not comment on whether services like Steam are directly cutting into its share of the PC market, instead stressing that GameStop also offers digital downloads of many PC titles.

"[Digital distribution] is growing, but we're also growing with it," he added. "We offer digital downloads on PC, especially, through, we see that continuing to be a market that will continue to grow, obviously."

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