Ubisoft: New Music Game Won't Be Rock Band Clone

Yves Guillemot has promised the world more music games, and "they are different enough not to be considered 'me toos.'"

The Ubisoft CEO has seen the rapid expansion of the house that Guitar Hero built but fears that it could become cluttered with clones. "The games do like $1 billion in revenue ... People will still be interested in those kinds of games; maybe there will be more people. And doing a "me too" is dangerous," he said to Gamedaily.

Right now, Ubisoft doesn't see very much of that $1 billion, as its only music game on shelves is the Nintendo DS title Jam Sessions.

As for what the publisher has up its sleeve, details are still sparse. "For the long term, we are building something you'll want... We have two different projects - one with [peripheral hardware] and one without," Guillemot asserted.

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