Spore Patch v1.01 Released

Now available at FileShack is the v1.01 patch for Spore (PC), courtesy publisher Electronic Arts and developer Maxis.

The update is said to fix some bugs, address some community complaints, and implement a few new cheat codes in the recently released evolution simulator. It is not yet known if this patch provides the promised DRM loosening.

The complete patch notes follow:

    • New Cheat: "evoadvantage". Enter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new game with one of your more evolved creatures!
    • Display part statistics when you are in Build mode. Rollover any part and hold down the 'i' key.
    • New Cheat: "blocksmode". Turns creatures into their blocky representations.
    • More style filters. Open the cheat window and type: "stylefilter -microscope" or "stylefilter -norainbows" or "stylefilter -nextgen" to see the new styles
    • Added 70 new planet scripts with a low terraform score, especially of the "hot and high atmosphere" type
    • Animation improvements
    • Improved the planets fogging, blooming and lighting
    • Fixed animation issues with tool handling, hand walking and some of the more oddly shaped creatures
    • Creature phase: Improved the pacing towards the end of the game, and increased the challenge in Normal and Hard modes.
    • Tribe phase: Increased the challenge in Normal and Hard difficulty modes.
    • Civilization phase: Increased the challenge in Normal and Hard difficulty modes.
    • Space phase: Made Empires in Easy and Normal modes demand reasonable amounts of money in exchange for peace and adjust the level of punishment if the player doesn't pay
    • Space phase: Made disasters less likely to occur in Easy and Normal modes and increased the time between each attack from the enemy empire when the player is at war.
    • Creature phase: Improved the way posse members behave during threatening situations and fights.
    • Space phase: Made finding your home world and colonies easier in the Galactic view.
    • Tribe phase: Made it so that tribe members can travel on steep hills if they need to do so now, but their speed will be reduced a lot.
    • Fixed an issue with attacks not working on some bigger animals and larger animals not dying correctly
    • Fixed collect mission not completing correctly when all parts have been collected
    • Fixed problems with the "Rolling Thunder" and "Deja Vu" achievements not being awarded as they should
    • Fixed floating parts not being deducted from the budget when loaded into creator
    • Fixed an issue with the rotation rings not resizing correctly when a part was resized and improved their look
    • Fixed an issue where the terraforming score of planet could differ when revisiting a solar system
    • Fixed the keyboard controls for zoom & pitch in the Colony Planner not working properly
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when watching an epic creature attack a city
    • Fixed some issues where the game would freeze when using the Creature Tweaker tool or when capturing a planet in solar view
    • Fixed an issue where not all tribe members would obey the raid order when a large group was ordered to raid
    • Fixed an issue where banning a creation from one of your other saved games would black out the main menu
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