Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update Coming Next Tuesday; Includes New Maps, Game Mode, Heavy Weapons

Update: Valve has released new details on the Heavy's first unlockable weapon, the K.G.B. (Killing Gloves of Boxing), as well as information on the Heavy's 35 new class-specific achievements.

Original Story: The largest update yet to Valve's online shooter Team Fortress 2 is set to go live next Tuesday, August 19, according to the developer.

The update will include seven fresh maps and a new game mode, in addition to new unlockable weapons and achievements for the Heavy class.

Valve plans to reveal each element of the patch--as well as a "special installment" to the "Meet the Team" video series--in a series of daily updates to its website. The first announced map was revealed to be community-created level cp_steel (pictured above). Described as a "complex Attack/Defense control point map" by Valve, the arena was created by Jamie "Fishbus" Manson, and marks the first of six website reveals.

The mysteriously unannounced game mode will come supported with five Valve-crafted maps. A "new Payload map focusing on more open spaces than Goldrush" will also be released, according to Valve's Robin Walker.

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