PlayStation Network to Gain 'Competitive Edge' Over Xbox Live, Says Uncharted Developer

Naughty Dog designer Richard Lemarchand believes that new social networking and connectivity features in the works for the PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Network may give the service an advantage over competitor Microsoft's Xbox Live.

Speaking with IGN, the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) lead developer said that the PlayStation 3's trophies build off of groundwork laid by the Xbox 360's Achievements, adding that the social aspects offered by the system could "become the norm across all gaming systems."

"I like the fact that you can pull them up and look at them in-game anywhere you are on the PS3 interface," Lemarchand continued. "I think there's going to be other things coming down the pipe that's going to give PSN as a whole a competitive edge."

Lemarchard declined to offer specific details on the upcoming additions, but stated that he was excited by the internet connectivity and user-oriented content systems offered in Sony's forthcoming lineup.

"What I will say is as a games designer I'm very excited about net connectivity," the developer added. "I really like how Sony is thinking a little bit outside the box in terms of gamers as modern media consumers."

"With things like LittleBigPlanet looking towards consumer-generated content and with games like flOw and flower—which are art games—Sony is really looking to expand games as culture in the same way that pop music, literature and fine art are culture," he concluded.

Trophies, gamer cards, and an improved user interface arrived on the PlayStation 3 with the system's v2.40 firmware update early this month. Though the update may have fallen short of expectations, Sony has assured users that it will continue to refine and expand the firmware through future updates.

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