Counter-Strike, Other Valve Games Could Hit XBLA; Studio Hints at Paid TF2 DLC on 360

With Valve's wit-driven action-puzzler Portal hitting Xbox Live Arcade this fall, marketing VP Doug Lombardi has expressed interest in releasing more of the studio's catalog, which includes shooters Half-Life and Counter-Strike, as Xbox 360 downloads.

"We'll certainly consider [bringing old games like Counter-Strike to XBLA]," Lombardi told OXM UK. "If you look at what we've done on Steam, we try to make all our games available and we're always reviewing the prices to keep them current. We'd love to do that, but this is our first step at doing that beyond the PC."

When asked about a possible console release of the Team Fortress 2 add-ons that PC gamers have been receiving for free, such as new maps and weapons, Lombardi stated that the company was still discussing the specifics of pricing.

"We're accumulating a lot of TF2 content for PC and at some point there'll be a sweet amount of stuff that's ready to go and large enough that if people have to pay for it [on consoles], they'll be happy," he noted. Earlier in the year, Lombardi told Shacknews that the content was likely to hit Xbox 360, but wasn't sure if it would arrive on PS3.

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    July 29, 2008 9:03 AM

    Hey I mean I love CS and I still play it from time to time. Considering that pretty much every computer out there can run it and there are still a huge number of people playing.. there is really no need for an XBLA release.

    But I would probably still buy it, just for the novelty factor, and some lolz.

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      July 29, 2008 9:33 AM

      Personally, I say let's PC gamers take on the XBox crowd. No console aimbots whatsoever.

      • reply
        July 29, 2008 11:37 AM

        Really? In CS with no gamepad auto-aim? The results would be quite discouraging for Xbox owners.

        • reply
          July 29, 2008 6:35 PM

          But sacrifices are needed to end the debate between controllers and mouse + keyboard. I know over a dozen people who claim that for first person shooters that consoles are better than the mouse/keyboard combo. I'd like those in denial to have a "little" wakeup call.

          • reply
            July 29, 2008 8:32 PM

            Screw that, good CS players already have enough people yelling "HAX" at them. We don't need XBLA pre-pubescent kiddies joining the chorus.

    • reply
      July 29, 2008 11:35 AM

      "But I would probably still buy it, just for the novelty factor, and some lolz."

      and that guarantees that they will put it out. While Valve makes great games they also love to repackage their games and put them out again. How many different boxed versions of Half-Life have they put out?

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