Mass Effect Patch 1.01, DLC Released

A Mass Effect patch is now available, updating the PC release of the BioWare sci-fi RPG to version 1.01. The 35mb download fixes several game bugs, and adds support for additional downloadable content.

That's helpful, because the Bring Down the Sky DLC has also been released. Instructions on how to install it can be obtained from this page.

Update 1.01

* added some infrastructure support for additional downloadable content
* updated the image of the Batarian race in the codex
* fixed an issue where the center channel for hardware audio wouldn't play correctly sometimes
* fixed an issue where the hardware mouse pointer would disappear when first selected
* fixed an issue where Shepard did not auto-crouch when entering cover in some places
* fixed a tool-tip indicating a game restart is needed before enabling hardware or software audio if the option was changed
* fixed an issue where ambient conversation would not be heard from rear speakers sometimes
* fixed a text string to make it clearer on how to exit a vehicle
* fixed a text string so the tool top for dragging the map is clearer in French languages builds

Mass Effect Configuration Utility

* fixed a crash running on certain multi-core AMD systems
* fixed an issue where video RAM was not being reported properly on certain cards

Thanks to Blues News for the tip.

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