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BioShock PS3 Exclusive DLC Detailed (Updated)

2K Games revealed new details on the exclusive DLC for the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock.

The company has created "challenge rooms" that will challenge players to make use of plasmids and other abilities to overcome undisclosed obstacles.

"Challenge rooms retain the flavor of Rapture, but they're not trying to retrofit new story or new levels into the original game," said a 2K representative to Shacknews. "We're very, very respectful of the original experience."

The DLC will be accessed from the main menu. A Portal-style timer starts at the beginning of each challenge, and the player will be faced with a puzzle.

One example shown off was a carnival-themed level. The player had to compete in carnival games, using plasmid power to throw tennis balls into crates. The player then entered a room with a safe, where a series of trap bolts protected the safe. The player had to use telekensis to move the bolts, then continue to solve another series of mini-puzzles in order to save a Little Sister from a malfunctioning ferris wheel.

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