Lengthy Games 'On the Way Out,' Claims Spector

Ex-Ion Storm developer and Deus Ex series creator Warren Spector expects to see shorter games as development budgets continue to escalate.

"Game costs are going to be $35-40 million, even $100 million, and the expectations are huge," Spector said at last week's Game Education Summit, going by Gamasutra. "You have to differentiate yourselves. One-hundred hour games are on the way out."

"How many of you have finished [Grand Theft Auto IV]? Two percent, probably. If we're spending $100 million on a game, we want you to see the last level," he continued.

"Building a game is as complex as making as a Hollywood movie... It used to be that you could trade off gameplay for graphics, but you can't do that anymore ."

Spector, who now serves as creative director at the Disney-owned Junction Point Studios, also offered some criticism as to the industry's current creative focus.

"I love working with Disney because I'm so tired of making games about guys in black leather carrying guns," he admitted. "I don't want to make those any more."

Junction Point Studios has not yet released or announced any games, but has issued a sole piece of concept art. In addition to Deus Ex, Spector also contributed to some of the most beloved titles in PC gaming history, including Looking Glass's System Shock and Thief: The Dark Project.

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    June 17, 2008 8:31 PM

    Heh. I never did finish GTA4. I finished MGS4 in 2 days, though. I rarely finish long games, mostly because at some point they stop feeling fun and start feeling tedious. Sometimes I can come back later and force my way through the boring parts and get back to the good stuff, but that's happening less these days since I'm so busy :(

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