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New TF2 Pyro Weapon Unveiled in Sniper Vignette

Update: The official details on the new weapons have arrived, revealing the device pictured below to be the Flare Gun, which can ignite an enemy at long range.

Original Story: Though the official details aren't slated to arrive until tomorrow, the latest Team Fortress 2 character vignette contains a brief glimpse of Pyro's second unlockable weapon.

The device, which appears to be a blunderbuss, joins the Axtinguisher as one of the three unlockable weapons for the fire-happy Pyro class.

As with the recent Medic update, the weapons will be available to players once they earn a set number of class-specific achievements.

The free Pyro update will be available on Thursday, with full details hitting tomorrow. Registered users can use the HD Stream.

Chris Faylor was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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