Fresh Gears of War 2 Details: Dead Rising-like Photo Mode, Possible Multiplayer AI Bots

An article published in this month's edition of print magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly details a slew of new features in Epic Games' upcoming shooter sequel Gears of War 2.

According to Xbox360Fanboy, the feature says that the game will incorporate a photo mode similar to Capcom's Dead Rising, in which snapshots are graded based on the amount of in-game action and carnage unfolding in the photograph. How these scores will factor into the game proper, however, was not detailed.

EGM also says that Epic is considering computer-controlled bots for use in the game's 10-player multiplayer matches. Designer Cliff Bleszinski would not confirm the game's oft-rumored four-player cooperative play, instead simply repeating his "bigger, better and more badass" line.

Among a variety of new weapons, Epic has added a flamethrower power weapon called the Scorcher, a short burst weapon known as the Gorgon Burst Pistol, and numerous others. The company said that new additions to the superweapons class—like the Hammer of Dawn—are also in the works.

The game also includes a number of new deathblows and other moves which can be performed on a downed enemy, including the ability to pick up a foe while he's bleeding out and use him as a meat shield. When mortally wounded, players can drop a grenade in martyr-like sacrifice for their teammates, raise your hand to flag down squadmates for assistance, or crawl to safety.

Gears of War 2 is slated to arrive this November. For more on the game, check out our preview.

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