Alone in the Dark to Feature DVD-style Presentation; Skippable Chapters, 'Previously On' Cinematics

Atari's horror reboot Alone in the Dark will feature a DVD-style chapter menu, which will allow players to rewind or fast-forward through the game, according to GameShark.

If a player is having a hard time with a particular sequence of the puzzle-riddled game, they can skip past it via the chapter select menu, moving on to complete another section. All of the "episodes" must eventually be completed to unlock the ending.

The preview also notes that when players return to their saved game, a "Previously on Alone in the Dark" cinematic will play, showing gameplay and story moments from past sessions. Alone in the Dark is due out on June 24 for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Wii. A PlayStation 3 release is expected to follow later on in the year.

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