Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PS3 Suffering Online Woes; Internet User's Uncle May Be Threatening Lawsuit

The PlayStation 3 edition of Ubisoft Montreal's recently released Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is suffering from issues that are said to make the game's online multiplayer practically unplayable, according to multiple reports.

Since the game's retail debut last week, owners of the PlayStation 3 version have been complaining in the game's official forum and other message boards about issues joining online matches and frequent server disconnections.

Though these specific problems that are not said to be a widespread issue with the Xbox 360 edition, several reports have surfaced of freezing glitches within that version of the game.

A Ubisoft representative responded to the complaints Friday, noting that the company was investigating the issues and "will post when we have something concrete to tell you." A separate post asks players of the PS3 iteration to troubleshoot their connection based on the NAT type of their connection.

However, Ubisoft's paltry response has not been enough for the ever-impatient legion of scorned message board users and their always-influential family members. According to user facktery81, his uncle's "very reputable" law firm has been hired to sue Ubisoft "for releasing a product that does not do as advertised," though the thread has since devolved into an argument regarding the legitimacy of facktery81's claim.

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